inner reflexions: palindromes goes poetry
by Martin Mooz (Berlin, Germany) © 2014
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1. Deific? A poem:

Same deficit sale: doom mood. Elastic if edemas?
Loops secreting in a doom mood. An igniter: cesspool.
Set agony care till in a doom mood. An illiteracy: no gates.
Senile fileting: I am, God, doom mood. Dogma: ignite lifelines.
Straws? Send a snowfield in a doom mood. An idle, if won sadness warts.

Me, opacified.

2. Put in us - sun it up     

Put in rubies, I won't be demandable.
Balderdash: sure fire bottle fill-in.
Raw, put in urn action, I'm odd.
Local law: put in ruts. Awareness
elates pure gnawed limekiln. Us:
sunlike, mildew, anger, upset.
A lessen era was: turn it up! Wall,
a cold domino: it can run it up.
Warn: ill I felt to be rife. Rush! Sad.
Red label, bad name, debt nowise.
I burn it up.
3. Space caps     

Seed net: tabard. No citadel like sun is
but spirit. Sense can embargo to get on.
Still amiss: a pyro-memoir, an ecstasy.
A detail, if fades, paler, tall, affined dusk.
Row no risks, asks ironwork, sudden -
if fall at relapsed affiliate - days at scenario:
memory, pass! I'm all. It's not ego to grab
menaces. Nest. I rip stubs in use, killed
at icon. Drab attendees.

4. Nib body - my dobbin     

Decal, preclude decades: a bared,
dust carted siren. Dragnet, fosse.
Let a free belt - to be riffle, still a revoke
esteem to help martyr - cosset a ripsaw!
O daemons, awed is debt! At bedside
was no meadow, as pirates so cry.
Trample hot, meet, seek. Overall
itself. Fire bottle beer, fateless often!
Gardner is, detracts udder abased,
a ceded ulcer placed.
5. Sin is     

To pertness: a crackleware drumroll,
apart lunacy aced as eyewash sin,
a veganism: sire to seek away.
Reviled era flew on eraser. Gone
model, live, debase karma of no-spill,
run knob birth! Gilded light ribbon -
knurl lips on foam - rakes a bedevilled
omen. Ogres are no welfare delivery!
Awake, esoterism! Sin age, vanish!
Saw eyes: a decay - can ultra pallor.
Murder: a welk carcass entrepot.

6. Yawn wads dawn way     

Aeon padlock laws sorcery.
Pre-drawn mad ... do Galletyle
visa vessel! Drowsy a legacy,
my awe! Most sudden: won!
Unrobe, no layaways! Aerosol:
a depot set a tide. My lidwork
rowdily: meditates to pedalos.
Or easy a way? Alone born -
unowned dust ... someway my
cage lays wordless evasively.
Tell a goddamn warder pyre-
crosswalk! Cold apnoea.
7. Drawn us to got sunward     

Starbursts, eternity, motor censuses,
altar of draw, no-name vaccine desk,
comedic: I'm. Regret to possess array. Fill
unstops to hot sunwards. Turnoff a grid,
anti-ballistic aid ozone! So nip! Sibyl laid
a revolt. Light a path. Gilt. Love radially!
Bispinose, no zodiac. It's ill a bit nadir.
Gaff on ruts drawn us to hotspots. Nullify
arrasses, so potter germicide mocks
edenic caveman. Onward for atlases. Us:
necrotomy tin, retests rub rats.

8. Drowsy sword     

Dogma of a deep sleep: relabel
bare wold epoch! Silo of dew,
a yes or no is secrets after all!
Ecotype, else miter of flesh. Sad,
palsy zoo wares set-aside big-
time tire. Push superitem, it gibed!
Is a tessera, woozy slapdash
self, foretime sleepy? To cellaret,
faster! Cession rose, yawed. Foolish
coped lowerable baler peel. Speed:
a foam God.
9. Snippets: step pins     

Erupt, old! Do relapse, tag no
lessened under a dynamo, sob!
Mediastinum, raw, some day-nap.
Moccasined dust cap, missend
doyen, rugrat, a vagabond, a
nomad! Idyll age regally did
a monad. No-bag, avatar, gurney
oddness, impact: sudden is.
Accompany a demo, swarm, unit
said embosom any dared!
Nudeness elongates paler
odd lot, pure.

10. Dump mud     

A morass end? A speedy do by subtask:
cosseting is sent. If set a lip ago, yet a dip
such pat: one-crop mud on silly dissent.
Revocatory await no do! Regrets aside,
most as it is at some disaster. Gerodontia
way: rot a covertness. Idyll is no dump or
cenotaph cuspidate. Yoga, pilates, fitness
- ignites socks at busybody. Deep sadness
aroma ...

11. Draughty: myth guard     

Walks at burn-off of fantasise. Dam,
oh cynosure! It's an erase, so crane
magnet to resorb a core. Alias as
always to demit. Nosegay? Overall
eternal plan! Retell, are voyages on
time dots: yawl as a sail aerocab?
Rose rotten game narcoses, are
nastier us onychomadesis at
"Naff off!" on rub. Task & law ...

12. We dye no honeydew      

Paws to hotel bane. Man & utopia-
snob: sub-minded I overawe, dye no
homemade tart in-situ, on row. Era:
spitfire volcano, dialytic it names.
Eraser open obeyed, lost somnific
in ego to revere venerations. No,
it are never ever otogenic if in most-
sold eye-bone pores are semanticity.
Laid on a clover if tips are worn out.
Is nitrated a memo: honey & dew are
voided. Nimbus: bonsai pot,
unamenable to hot-swap.

13. Deniers reined      

No trace: career fleet? Stolen rut, confider
unit farce: capstone & vase. Lifebelt
sense don't save late birth. Self sleepwalk
same life tale: life gap, afire liar times.
Tideway repoll: agnostic I lessen it today.
A dottiness elicits on galloper. Yawed it
semitrailer if a pagefile late filemask?
Law peels flesh tribe tale - vast nodes:
nestle, be filesave not spacecraft! Inured
if nocturne lot steel-free: race carton ...

14. Scrap arcs      

Rot all or none: virtuosities, acts,
rows? Cradle if dim: senile disroot
atop to careen. Even if a dessert-
spoon .. sleep-mode robots. Diadem:
a nebular eventide? Tare tired. Do
falsetto of a desire: my lopsidedness
ended, is polymerised afoot. Tesla
fodder iterated it. Never a lube,
named aids to boredom peel. Snoop
stressed: a fine veneer, a "cot
potato". Or sidelines, midfield arcs?
Worst case: it is out, riven on
rollator ...
15. Doomsayer grey as mood      

Warned dusk-cabaret far even is.
Eremite births if lessen it fold-rate.
Payer grew, entrap marrow on non-
use calk. Centennial began. Ah,
propagates decal set at step:
pupae can. Apogee rife? Label it!
A love = volatile balefire, ego
panacea, puppet states, laced set,
a gap, orphanage, blain net,
necklace, sun on now. Or rampart,
newer grey, a petard, loftiness, elfish
tribe, time resin? Ever after aback:
sudden raw ...

16. Poor trial: flair troop?      

Epoch tine: zymogenic I mean. A tenderised
era-fractal flirts on a peek. Punish, trowel, bat
pad - an use if fat-poor? To set up sidecar trials:
no garden! I'm a flare bill in a mirror. Retune
me, but still it's me. Tidal graffiti us peels late
of foetal sleepsuit if far glad items. Till it's tube
menu: terror rim, an illiberal famine. Dragon's
lair? Trace dispute: so troop taffies unadaptable
worths in upkeep a nostril flat. Carfare, desired
net, anaemic in ego ... my zenith-cope.

17. Era we beware      

Ere we were helipad elite not so
many defilade. If it icecap - so real
art. Sad, a careworn warden, if we
felt so. Path guardrails send as
sign in night. A pyre sore not self
faraway yaw. A raffle: stone rosery.
Path ginning is sadness? Liar!
Draught apostle, few finedrawn
rower - a cadastral aerospace
citified. A life dynamo, stone-tiled
a pile ... here we were.

18. No, it's a bliss of fossil bastion      

Due fretsaw, no arena, foe sod ... a bad sign!
Is it in a space of a decade felt to beg anonym
forever of devil? Inured a myriad non-tradable
do-merits (a pit naturally) dies. Or God arose.
Race - no one's saver: care vowed, foliate sore,
zabaglione. Pardon? Sunrays yarn us. No drape:
noil. Gab, a zeroset, ail of dew over a crevasse
- no one cares. Or a dogrose idyll: a rut antipasti?
Remodel bad art - non-dairy made run. I lived
forever of my nonage: bottle-fed. Aced a foe cap,
sanitising is dab a dose of an era on waster feud.

19. Sure tunic: in uterus      

We fructify rating idyll. It's now or rose
tiramisu on ego? Reliant I saw at road
neon sign in war of trade, if sit as nude
unit no-cost solifidianism: lap, an eyestack,
caber, a balladeer. Grew angelic odes?
A bed is busy. Awesome care tips eradiates
satiable bilayer pot "emo-clew". Welcome
to prey a libel: bait asset. Aid a respite!
Racemose way: subside base, docile gnawer.
Greed? All! A bareback catseye, napalm, sin
- aid, if I lost so continued. Unsatisfied
art for awning: is no end? Aorta was it.
Nail, erogenous: I'm a rite, sorrow on stilly
dignitary, fit curfew.
20. Same new enemas      

Niagara fall, ignite idyll!
A cigar to gag no loss?
Bird-lore it's! Antinomianism
rots: foetor, warez art, a claw.
Entire, if it reconfigurates debts?
All a ballast. Bed-set a rug
if no certifier. It "New Alcatraz"
era wrote of storms. In aim on it
nastier - old ribs, so long ago,
tragically dieting: ill, afar again.

21. Eros too footsore      

Retarded do not tell a war of rot: acid
are knit. So consign it lover's tiff. Or a
footstep: raceway, car cot? No regret!
A wet saw: warp among no lariats. Door
sill, a self-fable dome lore: lame female
role model baffles all. Is rood-stair along
- no map! Raw wastewater gerontocracy.
Awe: carpets too far-off. It's revolting!
Is no-cost ink eradicator for a wallet?
To nodded rater ...